Maurizio Coratella

VP Egypt

Maurizio Coratella was born in 1965 and graduated in Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano – Italy

He started his career in 1990 as an entrepreneur in the IT business and in 1994 joined  ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) where he occupied various positions in Italy and abroad in the Power Generation Industry.

In 1999 he joined Edison SpA and was appointed Project Manager of the first IPP built in Egypt. The power Station of Sidi Krir.

In 2002, based in Houston, he was appointed as Construction Director of the LNG Plant of IDKU Egypt.

In 2005 appointed as Executive Vice President for Projects in Edipower SpA responsible among other projects of the re-powering of 4000 MW in Italy

In 2009 appointed as General Manager in Egypt of Edison’s activities, following the 1.4 billion US dollars acquisition of Abu Qir assets.

In 2012 appointed as VP for Edison’s E&P activities for Egypt and the Middle East

In 2016 appointed as Executive Vice President for Exploration and Production

Maurizio Coratella is married and father of two children

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